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I use the Paypal payment platform for check out. All major credit cards are accepted. All payments via credit card or via your own paypal account now have the industry standard 180 days payment security attached.

Greetings Sports Fans. Most of you are here through word of mouth or have previously purchased from me via Amazon, EBay or Ioffer. Please feel free to purchase via my store through PayPal. Lower prices with full PayPal security. For up to date feedback and peace of mind clicking on the Amazon, EBay and Ioffer links will take you to my inventory and feedback gained through hundreds of successful transactions.




Although we have been around the longest, initially taking the majority of our sales via third party platforms such as eBay etc. We now conduct over 90% of business directly though our store. Confidence via word of mouth and endless referrals through the memorabilia world is bringing you directly to us. It is my work that sets the standards in this game. I look at you as a fellow collector. One of the most satisfying aspects of doing what I do is the feedback I get from you, my customer when he or she receives their trophy. I enjoy reading the feedback comments and I enjoy the process of getting this done for you. I like the challenge of taking an order and fulfilling it to the highest standards afforded to me. I am always a phone call (831 471 5567) or email away. You are my customer and customer service is my main objective. Any personalized hand made goods must ultimately come with a personal touch



 All our trophies are meticulously hand made to order. At the point of purchase, you can request absolutely any additional art work at no extra cost and no extra lead time. Every trophy in my store has a none negotiable lead time of 3 to 6 weeks. A simple analogy would be ''do not guesstimate the time without a watch on'' Lead time is there for any eventualities, we do not send them if they are not good enough to go, they will be rectified first, hence the lead time policy.





For the past 7 years we have been on line with the store COPYTROPHY from the store domain Simarly i go by the account name DAVIDSILVERWARE on third party platforms such as eBay and amazon, any misleading phishing type behaviour by competition is unavoidable, please stay vigilant for copycat sites beginning to appear on the net from India and China using my keywords (copytrophy) in their domain names. Similarly never rely on product pictures, i have lost count how many of my pictures have been downloaded from the internet and used by third party traders to mislead people. Always ask for ''Lee'' in comminications when using word of mouth or reviews.



There are no borders to contend with for all my high end U.S sports trophies.You receive the goods within the USA and any returns will be within the USA.






It is now common knowledge that under no circumstances should you contemplate purchasing from overseas sellers. They do not have official NFL, MLB, UEFA, product licences and no official documentations are accompanied along with the goods, if inspected by customs and border patrol on arrival they will get seized without recourse. I will offer documented proof from unsuspecting past buyers who have come to me with the horror stories if requested. You are purchasing trademarked goods. In the eyes of the law you have a responsibility and you will receive legal documentation through the door rather than your trophy.





Most other sellers leave small print to incorporate futile disclaimers such as ''small scratches, very minor dents and blemishes can sometimes be present'' ask for pictures first etc. At COPYTROPHY this is not a problem remotely problematic enough to disclaim. I have no side notes or foot notes degrading my trophies. They say pictures speak a thousand words, well ''unfortunately not when photographing a silver object it doesn’t''. Everything about me and my trophies is fine tuned into delivering a trophy as perfect as one can replicate. This is why I have a zero quibble returns policy. I am not here to catch you out and I have always fulfilled my obligations on every occasion.





  • Discounts

    We can offer discounts on orders with multiple trophies or products ordered at once. Contact us for pricing.
  • Custom Engravings

    We offer custom engraving service on all of our products. All trophies have the availability of custom engravings.

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