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Greetings Sports Fans. Most of you are here through word of mouth or have previously purchased from me via Amazon, Ebay or Ioffer. Please feel free to purchase via my web site through PayPal. Lower prices with full PayPal security. For up to date feedback and peace of mind clicking on the Amazon, Ebay and Ioffer links will take you to my inventory and feedback gained through hundreds of successful transactions.




!! ABOUT ME !!

I began making replica trophies as a hobby over 7 years ago. Although I have been asked to supply wholesale to memorabilia outlets in the past, I simply refuse to do it. My competition offers wholesale however it is my work that sets the standards in this game. I look at this as my hobby and I look at you as a fellow collector. I am not a huge concern that strives to churn out bulk orders to middle men, never to communicate with the people who receive them. One of the most satisfying aspects of doing what I do is the feedback and joy I get from my customers when he or she receives their trophy. I enjoy reading the feedback comments and I enjoy the process of getting this done for you. I like the challenge of taking an order and fulfilling it to the highest standards afforded to me. I am always a phone call or an email away. You are my customer and customer service is my main objective. Any personalized hand made goods must untimately come with a personal touch. Warmest Regards Lee. 





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    We can offer discounts on orders with multiple trophies or products ordered at once. Contact us for pricing.
  • Custom Engravings

    We offer custom engraving service on all of our products. All trophies have the availability of custom engravings.